Vasilis Frantzolas

Olive Oil Taster & Quality Consultant
M. Sc. Food Policy City University London

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Seminar duration: from February 4, 2017 until June 10, 2017.

Two Parts  (A and B), both necessary for the completion of the certification. The first Part  includes 35 hours of education and tasting tests. Second Part  includes a total of 20 hours, in 6 sessions, which will be include only sensory evaluation of olive oil samples from different countries.

Total cost  for the 55 hours Programm: 1.370 €.

Informations and registration at 2108086565 or

The remained vacancies are minimal

OOS and ONAOO for the Certification of Olive Oil Tasters

Educational Seminars for the Certification of Olive Oil Tasters

We announce the collaboration between (OOS) and the internationally renowned Italian Olive Oil Tasters Organization (ONAOO), under the auspices of E.Β.Ε.Α. (Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and the certification by  SWISS APPROVAL TECHNISCHE BEWERTUNG  (,  in order to conduct a series of seminars aiming to certify Olive Oil Tasters.

The seminar series for the training, selection and practicing of candidate tasters begins on Saturday, February 4, 2017 and will last until 10 June 2017, consisting of two Parts (A and B), both necessary for the completion of certification procedures for Olive Oil Tasters.

Part A will last consecutive days, from 4/2/2017 to 8/2/2017   (35 hours in total) and consists of theoretical education and practical sensory training, aiming also to the control of olfactory and gustatory capabilities of olive oil candidate tasters.

Part B will extend until June 10th, 2017, totalling 20 hours,  spread in 6 sessions of 3 1/2 hours each, aiming to train candidate tasters in organoleptic evaluation procedures, using a large number of olive oil samples, from many countries.

The final cost for the certification seminar series: 1.370€

For information call Secretariat: Mrs. Anna Drakaki, +30 2108086565 or send email at:

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