Vasilios Frantzolas Olive Oil Taster &
Quality Consultant
M. Sc. Food Policy, City University London

Signing of agreement of cooperation with Jaen University, Andalusia – Certification of MultichromLab by IOC

1.  Agreement of cooperation between  and Jaen University of Andalusia, was signed in October 2017.  The agreement concerns bilateral scholarships, seminars in Greece and other activities that will mature in the coming future. This collaboration is important for but also for Greek olive oil, which needs more specialized knowledge , not provided in Greece. Already our first fellowship was offered to Mrs Irene Kokolaki, certified olive oil taster. Mrs Kokolaki,  has completed the program on December 23, 2017. This program included 4-month studies at Jaen University, in the organoleptic evaluation of olive oil, including a complete program of theoretical studies and practical training. The next scholarship (year 2018) will be given in an competent Olive oil Taster, after  the completion of the 4-month training period, ending June 15, 2018.

2. MultichromLab organoleptic panel, with its long-standing panel leader, associate and our Scientific Advisor, chemist, Mr. Manolis Salivaras, was certified also by the IOC. This is the first private organoleptic panel in Greece, holding  the IOC, the highest quality Certification (third private tasting panel in the EU).  Also, MultichromLab, was awarded the 1st place in the AOCS certification rating.