Vasilios Frantzolas Olive Oil Taster &
Quality Consultant
M. Sc. Food Policy, City University London

Oleokit Presentation

Who needs OleoKit?

The use of the kit is aimed mainly at young but also to more experienced olive oil tasters who can use it as a practicing tool and continuing organoleptic training. Aimed at manufacturers, retailers, chefs, cooking schools and amateur friends of olive oil who do not have the opportunity to practice olfactory analysis. In Italy, where the kit is released in November 2016, has found considerable recognition from tasting schools, olive oil cooperatives, producers, olive oil processors and consumers who love and want to produce a high quality olive oil.

What is exactly OleoKit sample set?

Five small jars containing each about 5ml – 7ml, neutral in terms of odor, petrolatum, to which chemicals have been added, which are known to develop in olive oil when a sensory defect is created, eg. rancid.

Big advantage is that OleoKit remains unaltered in time for a long time. The substances added to the petrolatum are not altered over time. As a result, the defect remains unaltered even after 2-3 years, with perhaps a slightly lower intensity, depending on the frequency the samples are used (opening and closing of jars). Thus, the OleoKit avoids the common phenomenon where a defected olive oil sample having eg the vinegary defect (winey), after some time will begin to rancid, so we smell together, tangled, two defects, vinegary and rancid.

Another important advantage is that the defects in the jars are “clean”, ie without being affected by the aroma of fruity inevitably there is a rancid olive oil and this creates confusion to a taster.

Finally, the defects present in the jars are reproduced in greater intensity comparing to defective samples found when testing oils. This helps particularly to creating olfactory memory, necessary later in the taster to detect and identify one defect.

CAUTION! The samples of OleoKit are strictly intended for olfactory practice only, and should not be swallowed.

Who ​developed ​​OleoKit​?

To achieve the production of similar artificial flavors in the laboratory, odors of hundreds of defected olive oils were tested and compared by sensory terms with reference samples created ​a​ccording to international references and related academic studies​. The research and production of samples was finally possible after two years, by two experienced professional olive oil tasters working in Italy, Maria Teresa Koulaktsi, a member of the panel E.V.E. Trieste and Marisa Cepach – Vice Panel Leader of the same panel.

Each kit contains 5 jars with defects, one (1) blue tasting glass, with IOC standards, and two instruction booklets in English (soon in Greek). The first contains all the principles of olfactory analysis, the process of creating defects in olive oil, description of defects and instructions for using the kit. The second booklet describes the official methodology for the process of tasting olive oil and also instructions for the use and maintenance of the blue glass.​

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