Vasilios Frantzolas Olive Oil Taster &
Quality Consultant
M. Sc. Food Policy, City University London

Continuing Education for Olive Oil Tasters

Continuing Education for Olive Oil Tasters Program


The Continuing Education for Olive Oil Tasters Program is an internationally unique program of continuing education for tasters and is addressed to already certified olive oil tasters. It aims to maintain the acquired high level of olfactory and tasting abilities, which would decline without continuous practice.

Through this program the extra benefits that tasters acquire are:

  • A substantial mechanism for renewing and extending their certificates as olive oil tasters.
  • The ability to obtain within three years the next level of certification “Certificate of Professional Olive Oil Taster” in recognition of the high level of their sensory abilities.

Description of the Program

Certified tasters participating in the program receive monthly by courier, six 25 ml olive oil samples (60 samples per year). The samples are selected by Multichrom Lab and sent in sealed glass vials in a special carton packing. Tasters can evaluate the samples at will. Through a specially designed internet application tasters enter the data of their evaluation. Through the application each taster has the ability to see the deviation of his evaluation compared to the evaluation of the other tasters in the group for each sample, as well as the evaluation by the official panel of Multichrom Lab. Through this application results are calculated automatically after all evaluations have been entered, the data base is updated, the median values are calculated and all tasters are informed at the same time.

Olive Oil Samples Evaluation Application

This application has been designed by Mr. Kostas Koutrakis, a taster himself, and is an application Software as a Service (SaaS) running at
Tasters and panel members, using their personal password, enter a safe environment of evaluation management.

Certification of Professional Olive Oil Tasters


After acquiring a certification as” Olive Oil Taster”, persons wishing to continue their education for three years, by participating in the Continuing Education Program for Olive Oil Tasters, will receive the next level certification of “Professional Taster”, according to the procedures of the International Certification Organization SWISSAPPROVAL.

The dedication of the olive oil tasters in continuing sensory evaluations, and after completing over 300 evaluations and tests, is awarded with a Professional Tasters Certification. The meaning of “professional” is in this case, as described in the Contemporary Hellenic Language Dictionary by Prof. G. Babiniotis, page 642…He who performs his job correctly, who works hard and methodically”…