Olive Oil Taster Seminar – Education 2017


The first Olive Oil Tasters Training Seminar, was completed on June 10 2017, with an enthusiastically attended graduation ceremony, where the participants that successfully completed the four month course were given their Certifications by the organizer Mr. Vassilis Frantzolas and the Scientific manager Mr. Manolis Salivaras.

The first phase, which mainly aims to select the prospective tasters that will continue with the second phase, was of 35 hours duration, in 5 days.
Presentations were given by Dr. Mauro Amelio (ONAOO-Italy), Dr. Augusti Romero (IRTA-Spain), Mr. Manolis Salivaras (Multichrom Lab-Greece), Mr. Simone Gaetano (Frantoio Fonte di Foiano-Italy) and Mr. George Kostelenos (Kostelenos Nursery – Greece)

See the 2’ video


The first phase was completed with the individual aptitude tests, aiming to detect the olfactory threshold for three different defects and the taste threshold for one positive trait.

See the video from an olfactory threshold test and the ranking of the samples according to intensity of the defect.


After the aptitude tests, three candidates did not pass originally. They chose to continue the training and at the second testing opportunity given them, all passed.

The second phase, with a total duration of 22 hours was completed on June 10 2017, after six sessions on Saturdays, during which, more than 100 selected samples of olive oils, mostly defective, were tested by each taster. The samples (8 to 10 per session) that came from Italy (ONAOO) were tasted under the guidance of Dr. Mauro Amelio, Technical Director of ONAOO and the samples from Greece (6-8 per session) were tasted under the guidance of Mr. Manolis Salivaras, Scientific manager of Oliveoilseminars.com

Olive Oil Taster Catalog

Full Name Occupation Location Email
Apostolakis Manousos Producer / Olive Oil Trading Chania Crete / Athens man_apostolakis@yahoo.gr
Vasilis Vamvoukakis Olive Oil Producer Heraklio Crete vas.vamvoukakis@gmail.com
Viziotis Polichronis Amateur Olives Grower Volos alkemistis@hotmail.com
Vlachavas Odysseas Food Consultant Thessaloniki odysseas08@gmail.com
Georgoulis Lambros Environmentalist Olive Oil Producer Kalivia Thorikou lambrosgeorgoulis@gmail.com
Thomopoulos Nikos Olive Oil Grower Apidea Lakonias palaiakomi@gmail.com
Ioannidis Apostolos Producer Athens apostolos@ioannidis.org
Kavalieratos Christos-Stavros Organic Olive Oil Grower Fthiotida / Athens ckavalie@yahoo.co.uk
Kavouras Theodoros Olive Oil Producer Fthiotida / Athens thkavouras@gmail.com
Karathanos Stefanos Producer / Olives Trading Messinia Arkadia Ilia stekars@gmail.com
Katsivelis Pavlos Food Trading Athens katsivelispavlos@gmail.com
Kokolaki Eirini Olive Oil Producer Messara Crete info@o-oliveoil.com
Komoutos Nikos Grower Producer Trikala nzourba@hotmail.com
Kotsoni Mando Olive Oil Producer Argolida Pelopponisos mando@thekotsonisestate.gr
Koutrakis Konstantinos Olive Oil Producer Heraklio Crete kostas@simcom.gr
Logothetis Dionyssis Producer / Olive Oil Miller / Olive Oil Trading Vasilikos Zakynthos info@logothetisfarm.gr
Lykos Nikolaos Enterpreuner Athens n.lykos@lykos.gr
Malafouris Anastasios Olive Oil Trading Zakynthos tasosm22@hotmail.com
Maraveli Vasiliki Agronomist / Olive Oil Miller Agrinio maravelivasiliki@gmail.com
Manitara Panagiota Food Technologist Lakonia / Athens giotahello@hotmail.com
Panagiotopoulos James Production / Olive Oil Trading Athens info@pjkabos.com
Papadionissiou Dionissis Enployee Athens dpapadio@hotmail.com
Papadopoulos Konstantinos Olive Oil Miller Pyrgos Ilias papadopoulos.oliveoil@gmail.com
Petropoulos Ignatios C.E.O. KALLONI S.A. Thessaloniki ignpetropoulos@gmail.com
Salivaras Dimitris Food Technologist Athens dimitric_sal@yahoo.gr
Saratsiotis Georgios Producer Pylos Messinias pidassos@otenet.gr
Stergos Doukas Production Director Mytilini Lesvos dstergos@hae-gr.com
Spenda Kristallia Olive Oil Miller Lakonia kristallia-spenda@hotmail.com
Stamou Athanasios Producer Paiania stamou.thanos@gmail.com
Tzanetou Eugenia CHEF / Producer Athens tzenitzan@hotmail.gr
Tokas Alexandros Olive Oil Miller Alexandroupoli alexandros2351@hotmail.gr
Trichias Marios Grower Olive Oil Producer / Lawyer Piraues trichias.m@dsa.gr
Frantzolas Vasilis Quality Consultant Athens vfrantzolas@gmail.com
Chalanta Maria Producer Rhodos / Athens halmaria@windowslive.com