Olive tree Productive Pruning Techniques, including a practical demonstration at an olive grove – Prof. R. Gucci

In brief…

Dr. Ricardo Gucci, Professor of dendrology at the University of Pisa, Italy, will be in Athens for the fifth consecutive year, invited by Oliveseminars.com, to teach an eight hour course on olive tree pruning on Saturday April 14th 2018, which will be repeated on Sunday April 15th 2018.
The seminar consists of two parts. The first part (2 ½ hrs) will be presented at the seminars hall in Melissia, Attica, and includes necessary knowledge on the physiology of the olive trees and the principles of moderate pruning of olive trees .
The second part, takes place in an olive grove in Paiania, where Prof. Ricardo Gucci prunes 3-4 olive trees, explaining in detail his every move and accepting questions from the participants. The course is taught in English with simultaneous translation from an experienced interpreter-olive oil producer.
Participants will be taken to the olive grove by coach and returned to the seminars hall in Melissia.

Prof. Gucci’s presentation in Powerpoint, will be given to participants in pdf format, in a CD.


  • Riccardo Gucci

    Riccardo Gucci, professor at the Department of Agrarian, Food and Agro-Environmental Sciences at the University of Pisa, is the new President of the National Academy of Olive Oil. Professor of general arboriculture and vine and olive cultivation, has been part of his scientific activity at the Michigan State University's Horticulture Department. He is the scientific director of Italus Hortus, the magazine of the Italian Society of Horticulture, of which he has been a member since 1996. In the same year he was appointed Academician of the Georgophiles. Since 2010, he was Vice President of the National Academy of Olive Oil and Oil.  

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The first part of the seminar (2 ½ hours) will be presented at the “Οινος ο Αγαπητός» Hall in Melissia. Address: Pigis Av. 15, 15127. The Hall is across the” Bobola” section of “Amalia Fleming” Hospital.
The second part of Professor Gucci’s presentation consisting of practical training on olive trees, will follow in an olive grove in Paiania. A coach will take participants to the olive grove and back.

The seminar is presented in English with simultaneous translation to Greek by an experienced interpreter and olive oil producer.

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Participation Cost

Pruning seminar  € 185

Ways of Payment

An advance payment is not required, to subscribe for the seminar. In case of cancellation a notice must be sent at least three days before the seminar takes place, by mail or phone. Otherwise 50% of the cost is due, which however can redeemed by participating in the next available seminar.

Payment is made on the spot, on the day of the seminar, either in cash or with a credit/debit card (except Diners and American Express) in POS machine.

Proof of Participation

Participants  obtain a Proof of Participation certified by Swiss Approval Technische Bewertung.