Vasilios Frantzolas Olive Oil Taster &
Quality Consultant
M. Sc. Food Policy, City University London

Private Seminars


In short… organizes private, personal or distance seminars (via zoom) for individuals or groups. The first two distance seminars were held from Agios Nikolaos (3 afternoons) and Sitia, Crete with great success.

The distance seminars are very convenient, especially for groups, companies, or small groups, in Greece or abroad.  All that is needed to organize a seminar is a room suitable for the number of people, equipped with a laptop, internet connection and a screen suitable for the number of participants (e.g. a large TV or screen in case of a projector). When a seminar has several participants, one person takes on the role of administrator to collect the questions and transfer them to the speaker. The screen in the room shows the slides of the presentation as well as the face of the speaker.


Remote seminars offer the following advantages:

A. Participants attending long seminars (8-9 hours) understand the material better because in this case the seminars can be “broken up” into up to 3 days ( 3 of three-hour sessions) instead of  8-9 consecutive hours. Therefore, participants have the opportunity to come back and ask questions at the next meeting on issues that they have questions about.
B. It gives the opportunity to follow a seminar for people who would not decide to come to Athens because of distance and travel costs to attend.
C. There is the possibility of holding the seminars on weekdays, in the afternoons, not only on Saturdays.

A minimum number of about 10 people is required for a group seminar so that the cost per person to be relatively low.

Distance seminars can be held for the first cycle A’ (Olive Grove and Oil Mill – 8 hours) and also for the second B’ cycle (Organoleptic evaluation) with the participation of the panel leader Mr. Manolis Salivaras. In this case, we are delivering samples of olive oil to the participants. The organoleptic testing of the olive oils takes place simultaneously with the speaker, without any difference from the physical presence of the participants in a seminar room.

For Information: Vassilis Frantzolas – tel. 0030 6944314878 – email: [email protected]