Olive Grove Irrigation - Zeolite

In Brief…

The seminar on the Irrigation of olive groves aims in the rational irrigation of olive for the optimisation of production (quantity and quality of olive oil), water savings and the avoidance of soil salinization.

Necessity of irrigation of olive tree

Annual circle of growth and production of olive tree

Effects of irrigation in the various growth stages of olive

Resistance of olive tree in the lack of water in the soil

Effects of irrigation in the quality of olive oil

Water requirements of olive (for oil production and table olives)

Quality of irrigation water for the olive

Salt tolerance of olive

Qualitative characteristics of irrigation water for olive

Effects of salinity in the growth, production and quality of olive oil

Practices for the use of low quality water in the olive

Irrigation systems – scheduling of irrigation

Evaporotranspiration in olive groves – methods of calculation

Systems of irrigation – advantages and disadvantages

Drip irrigation – Design of the system

Irrigation scheduling for olives

Modern automated systems for optimum irrigation

Deficit irrigation for olives – advantages

G. Daoutopoulos Suggestion

Use of Zeolite in olive groves as soil improvement – Fighting olive flies

Methodology of planting young olive trees for lifelong protection

Microorganisms as soil conditioners (fungi, bacteria, mycorrhizals)

  • Konstantinos Chartzoulakis

    Senior Researcher, Ex director of Institute for Olive Tree and Subtropical Plants of Chania. He has a long expertise in water requirements and irrigation systems of the crops, soil-plant-water relationships, use of marginal (saline and reclaimed) waters for irrigation and sustainable water resources management in agriculture.

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  • George Daoutopoulos

    Prof. George Daoutopoulos was born in Edessa, Macedonia, Greece in 1945. He grew up in small villages around the valley of Yiannitsa that have affected his future professional occupations. Besides his studies, research, teaching and lectures he farms the family land of his grandfather and remains a lifetime student of nature.

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Seminars take place in the “Inos O Agapitos» Hall in Melissia. Address: Pigis Av. 15, 15127. The Hall is across the” Bobola” section of “Amalia Fleming” Hospital.
The hall is equipped with modern audiovisual equipment, the location is accessible by bus and allows easy car parking.

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Participation Cost

Irrigation & Ζeolite Seminar 130€

Ways of Payment

An advance payment is not required, to subscribe for the seminar. In case of cancellation a notice must be sent at least three days before the seminar takes place, by mail or phone. Otherwise 50% of the cost is due, which however can redeemed by participating in the next available seminar.

Payment is made on the spot, on the day of the seminar, either in cash or with a credit/debit card (except Diners and American Express) in POS machine.

Proof of Participation

Participants obtain a Proof of Participation certified by Swiss Approval Technische Bewertung.