Vasilios Frantzolas Olive Oil Taster &
Quality Consultant
M. Sc. Food Policy, City University London

Manolis Salivaras

Manolis Salivaras is an experienced laboratory analyst and an expert of organoleptic evaluation of olive oil. Initially he studied Food Technology at the Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki and then at the Agricultural School of the University of Saskatchewan in Canada.

At the same University ha has completed postgraduate studies in Food Science and Applied Microbiology. Since 1993 he operates successfully in the field of laboratory analyses and he has the general management of the Multichrom.Lab – olive oil analysis laboratory – accredited by the International Olive Council. He has an experience of more than 20 years in analysis and organoleptic evaluations, working exclusively in the olive oil sector. He has participated in many seminars of chemical instruments quality control and also in food control conferences on edible food fats. He has also undertaken the organization and participated as an olive oil expert in many competitions as a panel leader. For the period 2015 – 2016 the organoleptic panel Multichrom.Lab under his leadership, won first place in the international ranking of annual certification carried out by the American Olive Chemists Society (AOCS).