Vasilios Frantzolas Olive Oil Taster &
Quality Consultant
M. Sc. Food Policy, City University London

Vasilios Mouselimis

Agricultural Engineer (M.Sc.) is a Quality Consultant, specializing in olive growing and viniculture. Graduate of the Department of Food Science and Technology of the Agricultural University of Athens (2001), he also studied at the Department of Organization and Business Administration of Athens University of Economics and Business and postgraduate studies (2004), (MBA).

Since 2011 he has started his own production of organic products in Thesprotia, Western Greece, place of origin. In 2012 he joined the Organization for Certification and Control of Organic Products (DHO), initially as a producer and since 2014 as a production and processing inspector. At the same time, his professional occupation (cultivation of olives, vine and agricultural products) is the scope of research object of the Cooperative Enterprise A.G.R.O. (comprising of doctoral researchers agronomists and engineers, from Greece and Belgium, based in Greece), of which he has been Chairman and managing director since 2016.

From this position she participates in international collaborations with research institutes and organizations from Northern Europe mainly (SLU – Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, DTI – Danish Technological Institute) and provides consultancy services in Greece and abroad mainly aiming at increasing the fertility of biosystems with environmentally friendly methods.